Sunday, May 08, 2011

waste not want not

Last week I began collecting aluminum to cash-in at the scrapyard. I picked up these three cans across the road from my house - all are full! Are these people so out of it that they can't tell a full can from an empty one?...anyhow cheers guys!.....
PS I already collect electrical wire, every six months or so I have a banana box full - which nets me $25 at the scrapyard.

“Although nearly 66% of Australians say they cannot afford to buy everything they really need, they admit to spending $10.5 billion a year on goods they do not use. That is $1226 for every Australian household - more than the total government spending on universities, pharmacuticals or roads. They threw away more than $5.2B worth of food & drink in 2004. 35% of Australians admit to discarding more than $500 worth of fresh food a year, with 14% throwing away more than $2500 worth."
from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p103-104 
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis 

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