Wednesday, July 20, 2011

murdoch bullshit

.....from "The Telegraph": Phone hacking: David Cameron tries to move on from hacking scandal
David Cameron is to attempt to bring an end to the furore over the phone hacking scandal today so that he can address the issues that “really matter” to Britons.

Speaking on the final day of a visit to Africa, the Prime Minister indicated that he needed to soon focus on creating jobs, tackling immigration and reforming the welfare system.
Mr Cameron will today announce the terms of reference for a judicial-led inquiry into the phone hacking scandal.
The inquiry, which will begin work within weeks, will focus on media ethics, and the relationship between the press, politicians and the police.
However, the Prime Minister is now understood to believe that the intense furore over the scandal should subside and the inquiry - and police investigation - should work in a less “frenzied” environment.
Senior Downing Street sources believe that the coverage of the scandal has lost a “sense of perspective” this week, amid calls for the Prime Minister to resign."

What really matters here, David, is the  inference that the Murdoch press has influenced the election and policy of historical British governments. In fact, it seems to be more than an is increasingly apparent that Murdoch has manipulated the "democratic" system to his own ends.
Murdoch's predatory approach will have made him many enemies, & son James appears to be arrogant beyond belief. We are seeing splits in the Murdoch family - which may well lead to the demise of the "dynasty" Rupert had so carefully established.
There's an old saying "You can run - but you cannot hide"...

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