Friday, February 10, 2012

freeganing and dumpster diving

"The motto is reduce, reuse and recycle but nobody's reducing" - martin adlington

"Members of a fringe group known as dumpster divers are enjoying fancy meals – for free.
On an average evening they can be found knee-deep in supermarket skips collecting food, despite most being able to pay for it off the shelves.
Former rubbish truck driver and self-proclaimed professor of garbology Martin Adlington says people like him are dumpster divers out of principle.
"On the Shore what is thrown out by supermarkets, veggie shops and restaurants you can live off very well. I've found stuff where the expiry date isn't for another month."
One of his most successful yields includes bacon, salami, yoghurt, cream cheese dip and blue vein cheese barely past the use-by date and still cold from the chiller.
"If you know the right times and places to go you do pretty well."

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