Sunday, June 09, 2013

prism - we have an eye on you

So now the word is spreading that the US government using code-name PRISM has been accessing all online content with the complicity of google, apple, facebook, etc etc....... and my truther contacts are shocked/outraged & blowing hard about it.....however this should come as no surprise, and I predict that there will be even more sensational revelations to come......
I have said for a long time that the internet is not a www (World Wide Web) as much as an sss (Secret Surveillance System) - and in fact the US government itself has made the fact clear for even longer..see the illustrations below......not so much the "eye of the tiger" but the "eye of big brother".....
 Above - a prism
Below -  the triangle/prism on the  reverse of an American dollar bill
has told us the same thing for a very long time...the triangle at the top of the pyramid on the reverse side of the US dollar bill is a prism, and inside that prism is an eye - simple isn't it?

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