Thursday, October 17, 2013

annual trash-trawl

The annual inorganic collection is on at present here on the North Shore, maybe for the last time if the whingers about the collection "lowering the tone" of their neighbourhoods get their way.
Three of my more interesting finds last Sunday were a filter mask, a cast iron pot - great for the campfire, and a bevy of broken Barbies. The latter demonstrate the fate of most consumer products - fervently desired, soon trashed, and then dumped.
I haven't found any iPhones in the trash - yet.......

While I was going through a pile of trash a Japanese TV crew came along & interviewed me re the inorganic collection & the reason for my collecting junk: "Is it part of your culture to pick up what other people have thrown away?"......I asked them to send me the link for the programme, but won't hold my breath.....

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